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How To Order

  1. Products can be ordered in 2 ways:
              - Paypal
              - Purchase Order

  2. Ordering by Paypal:
    First of all, identify the model required by using:

    a) "Brand./Model Search" option - Select Brand then select model from the side menu.
    b) "Part/Model No. Search" option - Enter the Part No or Model No. in the box marked "Search" at the Top Right of the page.

    Once the required item is found "Select" it by clicking on the product image or product description. This will then move the product to the ordering screen.

    Once the product has been selected, it can be added to the shopping cart by clicking on the "Add to Cart" and the purchase concluded by selecting Paypal.

  3. Ordering by Purchase Order:
    Once required product has been identified, just email copy of Purchase Order or the Purchase Order details to: sales@wallislamps.com

    Alternatively, just place the order by telephone at 020 8870 3388